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About Us

MOYA is a bespoke dressmaking service celebrating the unique, multidimensional beauty of every woman. The founder, Moyang Yang, is an award-winning fashion designer and entrepreneur, having previously dressed A-list celebrities including Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez with her own brand. Drawing together her 10+ years experience in fashion and a unique background as a psychologist, MOYA was built to create fashion that doesn't only captivate the eye but also resonate with the soul.

What sets MOYA apart is our singular approach of using each client's personal stories and experiences as the inspirational spark for entirely new, one-of-a-kind dress designs crafted from scratch. We believe your individual journey intimately shapes your identity and how you want to feel—and a MOYA creation allows you to wear those emotions through original attire.

Our mission is to create an empowering dressmaking experience that goes beyond just the aesthetics for elite, affluent tastemakers with uncompromising standards. With a keen eye for each woman's narratives and an imaginative approach, we handcraft dresses that make you feel comfortable, limitless, and a beautiful reflection of your authentic self.


Experience fashion's highest form of expressing individuality with MOYA Bespoke, where you are not just our client, but our muse, too.

A photo of Moyang Yang, designer and founder of MOYA Bespoke
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