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Designing Dresses
Inspired By You

Weaving Your Story, The Occasion and Our World Class Fashion Expertise Into Your Ethereal Dresses

A Unique Design Philosophy

Many designers see the dress as their art.


But our art is YOU wearing it.


That's why our projects always start with the question:


How would you like to feel

whilst wearing it?


From there we'll explore stories of you, the occasion and everything thing that inspire you to feel this particular way. 

The stories that stand out will form the foundation of your design.


These can be as profound as a life-changing event, or as light-hearted as a picture from your travels.


Adding our expertise on style and aesthetic,

we'll transform whatever that inspires you

into a beautiful dress that you'll love to wear again and again.

How It Works

through 4 simple steps

MOYA Bespoke listens to your needs


Sparking Ideas

Our project begins with an exhilarating dialogue to explore your passions, clarify your needs and unearth your most inspiring stories for the occasion.

MOYA Bespoke visualises concepts for your designs


Creating Concept

Your stories are then transformed into design concepts. You will receive and choose from a few personalised mood boards proposing aesthetic, material and colours.

MOYA Bespoke creates personalised designs



Based on the concept you choose, we design and illustrate your piece considering your requirements, the aesthetic and your physical features.

MOYA Bespoke crafts knitwear


Crafting Perfection

Finally, our artisans will meticulously handcraft your piece with precise measurements and details after 2-3 fittings, delivering the dress borne from your stories.

MOYA bespoke white crochet dress
The photo of a white crochet dress designed and made for a MOYA Bespoke client

A Client Project

See how this white dress was created below

MOYA Bespoke creates original patterns for clients
Hand crocheting by artisan at MOYA Bespoke

The Craft

  • Hand crocheted in London

  • 100% organic cotton

  • 2 fittings with client

The Result

A client's testimonial and photo in the dress made by MOYA Bespoke
The dress is so stunning. I can't get enough of it! I love the design that has my family story built into it, and the craftsmanship is unbelievable. Moyang is a super talented designer and a wonderful person to work with. The project was a last minute decision, but Moyang and her team made it really fun and efficient. Thank you so much for everything. Will recommend it 1000%.
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A dress designed for a client at MOYA Bespoke

A Romantic Holiday Dress

in which the client would like to feel sexy yet empowered, in an elegant and tasteful way.

Moodboard for a client project at MOYA Bespoke
A illustration of a dress design at MOYA Bespoke
A "Warrioress" Story

came from her Greek heritage and sparked an "armour suit" design

The zoomed view of a dress designed for client at MOYA Bespoke
Gentle Compressions

on waist and breast for elevated body shaping

Yarn art inspiration behind a MOYA Bespoke client project
Yarn art with fringe as inspiration behind a MOYA bespoke client project
Yarn Arts

that symbolised feminine power were used to inspire an elegant crochet design

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